New Location

After a decade of working for others, Georgy has decided to take the next big step of his career. Welcome to his new business: Human Therapy.

Georgy has been practicing a variety of massage therapy modalities. Over the course of his extensive career within the health industry, he has integrated a selection of treatment techniques to better the validity of each individual’s session.

Starting his journey with one of the top osteopaths in the country, Georgy absorbed as much information as possible during this time. Gaining the necessary skill set and field-based knowledge to become the industry professional he is today.

Georgy believes Remedial Massage is about making a connection with each individual client, reading their body’s issues and working to create a confident relationship between client and practitioner. Combining soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, gentle stretching and strengthening techniques to assist the body’s natural healing process.

Myofascial Release Therapy is a measured approach to soften layers of stagnated build up within the connective tissues. Gentle sustained pressure is applied to stimulate a stretch effect through the fascial structure. Providing release for contracted muscles and mild pain relief.

Sports and Deep Tissue focuses on the deeper levels of the musculoskeletal system. Providing a dedicated treatment type for each individual that requires an intensive approach to a set injury or restricted movement pattern. Sports and deep tissue massage is best used as a maintenance program to assist the active individual. Methods such as active release therapy and muscle energy techniques are key to promote effective recovery and rehabilitation.

Creating an energetic and peaceful environment for clients new and old. This new conveniently located practice in Bondi Junction, only minutes walk from public transport and parking facilities.

Georgy is looking forward to this new chapter and hopes for you to be apart of it.

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